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The Journal of A Lady and Her Dog

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I ordered this coffee table. Now, being that it is EXACTLY what I wanted, modern, glass, bright and the legs match the style of the legs on my sofa almost exactly. The shipping alone was $100 though so I had a hard time justifying that but when I looked around at comparable furniture locally, I couldn't find anything similar for the same price including shipping. But it still was hard to justify $100 just for shipping.
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Apparently it is too much to ask for a DVD/LCD TV combo that is 27 to 32 inches in WHITE. :(
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Starting out at 185 lbs 3 years ago, barely able to go 5 minutes on the eliptical... This is my own little pat-on-the-back post. I type this as I am on the couch nursing a running injury... Yep I can consider myself an "athlete" now. Contemplating running shoe purchases and 10K's once spring hits.

I have gotten to the point where I do not have enough time during my gym session to actually test how far I can run. Saturday, I had an hour-and-a-half to burn (literally?) and I ran the entire time at about 5.2 to 5.5 mph and I ran 8 miles! When I finished, I felt great. I was not out of breath or tired or in pain. I felt I could have run longer if I had to, but I thought 8 miles with no breaks was pretty damn good! It was at a 2% incline most of the time...

I love stats and lists and numbers. As of today, I am:

height: 5' 6.5"
weight: 116 lbs (varies between 113 and 118)
waist: 23"
BMI: 18.44
Body Fat Percentage: 16.1%

As for the BMI, there were a few calculators that said that is "underweight" (my "idea" weight being at least 116.36 lbs...). But I did another measurement to determine my frame-size. And for those with small frames, we are to minus 10% from the BMI-determined ideal-weight-calculator. So... 116.36 minus 11.636 = 104.7 (yeesh!) but I don't have a super-small frame, I am probably on the upper cusp of what is considered small frame, I think. I bet 105 lbs would look a little bit skelator on me. I am quite happy between 110 and 120 based on whatever my workout routine is or health or whatever. Generally, weight determining happiness is not the best way to live...

The body fat percentage is on the low-end for women, but fine for athletic women (thats me!). Female athletes generally fall between 14 and 20 percent. For the fit, 21 to 24; Acceptable is 25 to 31, anything over that is obese. 10% to 12% is essential fat....if you get below that and you are female, you are probably dead. The measurement is from anatomical measurements, not based on BMI which I find to be inaccurate especially if you are athletic.

It is really kind of funny because the numbers sound small. I am sort of obsessed with stats and numbers and where I fit in and all that. I do not look *that* skinny. I am not even close to underweight looks-wise. I think the numbers can be quite misleading, and they are sort of funny to me.

One thing I am dissapointed in, is apparently I don't run that fast. When I see other calculators to calculate calories burned, the 5.5 mph that I run, is sort of on the low end of speeds. I think I should see how long I can sustain 6mph. That will be my next goal. Eh, it seems fast for sustaining it for an hour. Oh well.

As an afterthought, I am very happy with the progress I have made. Not because of the weight I got to, but I just feel great. I have never in my life, considered myself to be athletic. And not only that, I have muscle definition. Check out my guns! *flexes*

My boss and I are going to run a 10k that he usually runs in. I guess he does all kinds of athletic things like runs and races and he is encouraging me to get into these things with him. I am very excited and I can not wait for my first-ever athletic event (first of many) this year.

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My journal is now completely friends only. If you are not a friend and feel it a great injustice to not be able to read my journal, comment here and I shall add you.
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So when I was home for lunch I was watching channel 2 news at noon. Well they were reporting on the bird flu epidemic in China and shows some clips of people putting chickens in bags and hitting them repeatedly with bats. Oh and the next clip was people throwing bags of still alive chickens into a hole in the ground and dumping lighter fluid on them. Oh and the next clib was a close up of a fucking burning chicken still alive.


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